A radical adjustment of scope or priority where schedule or work queue adjustments cannot meet commitments


Assemble a meeting of interested management and key development people.  Allow the meeting to review history until all present agree that simple adjustments (like working weekends, or adding staff) won't help.  Eventually a solution appears, usually expressed as a question of the form: What is the least amount of work required to do X?  X is one person's idea of the most important part of the initiative.  The question should be answered quickly and confidently by consulting a recent WorkQueue report.


Recommitment Meeting


As a project progresses, the estimates of effort to complete grow ever more accurate.  Where they start telling the story that CompletionHeadroom is not adequate, a crisis looms.  Some adjustment of scope, resources or completion date is required, and it may by this time be too late for adjustment of resources to help (see GrowingPains).  Typically there will be a WorkSplit with a new deadline for the reduced work, and a new estimated completion date for the residual work.  The high priority work will be in the first tranche of this split.  This is decided by the RecommitmentMeeting.