The distribution of work will not be as good as it could


Tasks need to be allocated to suitable people.  Bad organization, bad roles, bad distribution of responsibilities to roles, bad patterns of communication, all contribute to problems in the distribution of tasks to appropriate people.


Inappropriate allocation of tasks can be a cause of TooMuchCommunication, see also the cures discussed there.  It can be caused by InappropriateOrganization, any such problems should be addressed first.

Prevention, Amelioration, Cure


The patterns WorkFlowsInward and HubSpokeAndRim deal with appropriate communications in a general sense, taking the task of communication of work-related information away from managers so they only deal with control and perhaps co-ordination information.  DayCare offloads the bulk of the task of knowledge transfer, similarly MercenaryAnalyst delegates much of the task of documentation, to dedicated individuals.  The generic approaches of rearranging responsibilities among roles are addressed in MoveResponsibilties and ResponsibilitiesEngage, while ProducerRoles and ArchitectControlsProduct give some overall goals in this effort.  Some of the fine detail of task allocation among designers is addressed in GenericsAndSpecifics.


In modern approaches, the concept of role tends to be a more transient affair; an individual may change roles several times a minute.  This keeps cost of communication between these roles as low as can be.  This is aided by having a team of GeneralizingSpecialists.  When DevelopingInPairs, individuals sign up to specific tasks that are either within their abilities or will need help with a specific skill that may be found by pairing with an appropriate person.  Thus the team is very flexible, and inappropriate allocation of tasks is largely prevented.