This “Risk to Pattern” section identifies over 60 risks.  The link to a page on the risk is in the leftmost column of the front page, additional notes that aid in identifying the risk are given in the rightmost column.  The prime approaches to tackling the risk are given in the middle column, but it is recommended you go via the “risk” page and get more context on where the approaches may be of use.


The list of risks is rather arbitrary, as all risk lists must be.  Where a topic may be covered in more than one risk heading we have attempted to provide the relevant links from one risk page to the other.  The “Prevention, Amelioration, Cure” section is divided into Traditional and Modern approaches.  Again the divide is rather arbitrary.  Traditional approaches tend to be rather stand-alone, while modern, usually agile, approaches often require or assume several supporting techniques.


This is by no means a definitive list of approaches.  Preference is given to approaches that are described online.  We attempt to give enough information to enable a decision to be made whether or not to find out more from the source.  It is not our intention to copy the source in full.  On occasion we give a commentary on an approach that expands on what is said in the source, or gives alternative opinions.