The rate of change of information is too fast for the project to cope


For a large part of a project, progress is made at a steady pace.  Information arrives and is processed at a measured rate.  Yet early in the project, just prior to delivery, and at other times of crisis, the rate of arrival of information will be much higher, or the information will need to be dealt with more promptly.  The normal routes for conveying this information may not be adequate.



Prevention, Amelioration, Cure


While the rate of change of information is fast, have a daily StandUpMeeting to transmit the key points to the whole team.


With small team sizes, and preference for working in an OpenWorkspace, information tends to become disseminated rapidly through agile teams, particularly when DevelopingInPairs, as information is necessarily passed aloud and can be heard by others.  SCRUM has a variant of StandUpMeeting to deal with project management decisions.