A single person or group acts as mediator between the project team and outside interests


A single person or group acts as mediator between the project team and outside interests.  This GateKeeper manages the culture differences and translates the input from outside the project into terms understood by the developers.  The GateKeeper releases moderated information about the project to the outside.  The GateKeeper’s purpose includes maintaining good relationships with customers and other outside interests.  See also CustomerInterface, where a subset of these responsibilities are taken on board, and for a different reason.


Gate Keeper


This role stems from a traditional concept of culture management.  The developers are expected to have their own culture that needs to be protected from pressures exerted by marketing specialists and customers wanting more features.  The customers need to be insulated from the views of the developers.  The GateKeeper also performs a role of protecting the developers from unwarranted interruptions, and ‘leaks’ relevant project information to outsiders.


Modern approaches favour fostering better communications between developer and customer.  The developer is perceived as needing to be a good communicator.  In some respects, the GateKeeper pattern is seen as an antipattern in modern approaches, see CustomerOnSite.  Yet maybe too many stakeholders want to participate, see Ref 1.


1. Agile Requirements Challenge #6. Too Many Project Stakeholders Want to Participate