Begin a distributed project with a face-to-face meeting for everyone


Begin a distributed project with a face-to-face meeting for everyone. This meeting should establish project unity, as well as give people a chance to get to know those they work with.  It is vital to leave at least half the on-site time unscheduled, leaving time for impromptu meetings between people that are going to be working together but remotely.


Face To Face Before Working Remotely


Conditions sometimes require that a project be geographically distributed. In such cases, OrganizationFollowsLocation is used to partition the work. But even when the work is partitioned in this manner, it is a challenge to actually implement the partioning effectively.  There is a need to establish a UnityOfPurpose, some common vocabulary, vision, architecture, shared goals, and some social interaction between the remote teams.  We cannot expect all of these to arise from an initial meeting, but we can start the process.


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