The team doesn't work well together as a team


The team doesn't work well together as a team.  They are pulling in different directions, or have too many single minded individuals.


In the beginning, a team is not expected to pull together, see the discussion for UnityOfPurpose.  However, after the ‘storming’ period, the team should knit. 

Prevention, Amelioration, Cure


The building of a team needs care taken.  Where a team is composed of externally selected individuals that are put together to work together, there is a risk of including people who are not ‘team players’ or who don’t get on with this particular team. A SelfSelectingTeam avoids this problem.  However, some care needs to be taken on team makeup.  Apply HolisticDiversity to ensure all roles are covered.  Go for DiverseGroups to ensure a broad range of viewpoints.  Where a few members are doing all the work, DistributeWorkEvenly.  Help the team to knit and stay together by ensuring there is somebody in a MatronRole.  To avoid following an authority figure unquestioningly, have a WiseFool on the team.


Agile methods encourage communication between team members as part of their work.  Some practices such as DevelopingInPairs demand it.  Individuals that are not team players will either need to change or will select themselves out of Agile teams.  This constant communication and close working with other members of the team gives less room for dysfunction to creep in.  However, a good range of skills and viewpoints is still beneficial.