Approach all development as a group activity


Approach all development as a group activity as if no one had anything else to do.  Expect the activity to follow the usual course of an episode where energy builds to a decision-making climax and then dissipates.  At the height of the episode, purpose should be clear, terminology well understood, knowns well explored and unknowns identified.  It is at exactly this point that individual strengths merge into a sort of common consciousness.


Development Episode


This combines the forces that bring about the patterns DevelopingInPairs and ProgrammingEpisode.  The former captures the group dynamics of developing in concert with others, the latter captures the natural pattern of energy and concentration while addressing a problem.  A DevelopmentEpisode will involve a whole group, but may be conducted asynchronously by a series of meetings of the whole group or smaller subsets or pairs.  The essential feature is that the knowledge gained by these subsets is folded back into the group.  This has certain parallels with CollectiveOwnership.