It is difficult to get decisions made


It is difficult to get decisions made.  The people that should be making the decisions are procrastinating or doing other work they consider higher priority.


It is advisable to start a project by, among other things, identifying all the stakeholders and obtaining their buy-in to the project.  This may not have happened, buy-in may have been in name only, or other things may happen that bring conflict with priorities that are higher in the eye of the stakeholder.  There is some overlap between this and BarriersToProgress.

Prevention, Amelioration, Cure


Where the decisions that are needed should come from outside the organization or from other areas not under control of the project, it helps to have a PatronRole where the Patron can address the problem.  Within the project, adjust the priorities temporarily with InterruptsUnjamBlocking.  It may help having a proxy for the decision maker as exemplified by CustomerInterface.


Modern methodologies keep a better eye on the main priorities, so problems are unlikely to arise from within the project.  Care is taken to identify stakeholders and obtain buy-in.  Where a large number of decisions are likely to be needed, the stakeholder or a suitable proxy becomes a member of the team, as in CustomerOnSite.