Work progresses but work on the critical path doesn't


There are many tasks that a project needs to deal with.  Avoid having non-primary tasks dominating the team’s time, and ensure progress can be made on the primary tasks.  Where a critical path of primary tasks has been identified, ensure these are given priority.


It is necessary to ensure one has a good idea of which tasks should be given priority.  Having done this, it is necessary to ensure that progress is being made on these tasks, and to deal with the situation when progress is not being made.  Here we deal specifically with the problems once the tasks have been identified.

Prevention, Amelioration, Cure


To ensure the priority tasks are identified and people are assigned to them, ensure SomeoneAlwaysMakesProgress.  Where work is unable to proceed on one of these tasks, InterruptsUnjamBlocking, but Don’tInterruptAnInterrupt.  Where the block is not from within the team, see BarriersToProgress; but be aware these approaches need some degree of forward planning.


TO BE WRITTEN (Scrum meetings?)