Communication of Information costs more than necessary


Communication of Information costs more than necessary.  We consider both too much Communications needed, and expensive means of Communications used.  See also DifficultyInCommunication and LackOfCommunication.


In extreme cases, information used in software development can pass from Customer to Business Analyst, Requirements Analyst, OO Analyst, Systems Architect, OO Designer and Coder.  Six or more handovers of information in one development chain may be unusual, but four or five are common.  Remember also that there will be branches in the chain, with other handovers of information progressing in parallel.  Where these handovers of information are expensive, as is often the case, it is worthwhile considering both reduction in the cost of communication, and reduction in the number of handovers that would be required.

Prevention, Amelioration, Cure

Where techniques relate specifically to TooMuchCommunication or TooCostlyCommunication, these are covered separately.  Here we address techniques that address both topics at the same time.




One can reduce both the amount and cost of communication by having the CustomerOnSite, thereby eliminating the need to pass requirements, domain knowledge and clarifications through a chain of people before reaching the developer.  This communication can be face-to-face and with little or no formality in arranging a meeting.  The cost and amount of communication is also reduced by judicious pairing when DevelopingInPairs.