Turn new hires into experts through an apprenticeship program


Turn new hires into experts through various skills transfer approaches.  Here we look at the ‘apprenticeship’ approach.  Every new employee should work as an apprentice to an established expert.  Most apprenticeship programs will last six months to a year--the amount of time it takes to make a paradigm shift.




The apprentice, to fit this pattern, should be a genuine apprentice, a single person working alongside the expert, as opposed to one of several juniors who are receiving mentoring.   That approach is covered in the DayCare pattern.  DevelopingInPairs is often used in conjunction with this technique.  A good master can ensure the apprentice receives a thorough grounding, yet sharing the role of master by using other skills transfer approaches can give more rapid and more broad education, and mitigate the effects of a poor master.  Without a single master in a one-to-one relationship keeping an eye on topics covered there is more risk of gaps in the skills learned, yet any self-motivated apprentice will soon fill the gaps.