Approaches to software development that are responsive to the situation and economical


The Agile Alliance produced a manifesto that lists its core values; it values Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools; Working Software over comprehensive documentation; Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation; Responding to Change over following a plan.


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Probably the biggest step forward in software development in recent years has been made by a group of methodologies that recognize the highest risk to the average software development project is changing requirements, and rather than preventing change, embrace change and deal with it at an agreeably low cost.  Representatives of several of these methodologies met in 2001 and formed the Agile Alliance.


Not all of the following approaches are full methodologies.

The first seven of these approaches are those whose representatives were initial signatories to the Agile Alliance:


eXtreme Programming (XP);

Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM);



Adaptive Software Development (ASD);

Feature Driven Development (FDD);

Pragmatic Programming;


Agile Modeling;

Lean Software Development;

Others will appear…