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Membership does have its benefits. Any members that put sufficient effort toward the common good will have their efforts recognized by an entry on this page.

Paul Oldfield

Originally a Botany graduate, Paul moved into computing in the hope that it would offer paid work. After an IT conversion course, he joined a software house being run as part of a University department, and staffed by PhD students. Like all colleagues, Paul was headhunted before the PhD was awarded. In a 18 year IT career he has worked in many roles on many and varied projects, from Air Traffic Control to Air Time Sales, from Expert Systems to Test Harnesses; frequently working as an independent consultant allied to Informate International of Brussels. Paul is the expert on Domain Modelling in UML and contributes strongly to the areas of process dealing with transition from Business Requirements to System Architecture and Design. He lives in the Scottish Highlands.

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Hüseyin Angay

Unlike most Requirements Analysts, Huseyin has a background in Software Engineering. He started his career configuring databases for large control systems in assembly language and assembling circuit boards for the same, took both his first and master's degrees in Software Engineering, worked on the design and coding of a number of large-scale distributed systems and discovered that he had a flair for requirements. He found object models and use cases pretty useful at a time when they were considered a passing fad and has had no cause to regret this then unfashionable decision. He has since helped a number of organisations in UK and continental Europe make software development with use cases a success.

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Dan Rawsthorne (Dr Dan)

A 20-year veteran of the software wars and an accomplished manager, mentor, coach, consultant, and architect, Dan has been involved with all sorts of software projects - from e-commerce to military avionics. He has written a number of articles on use cases and requirements management, and served as a columnist for "C++ Report". He has taught University courses on OO modeling and methods, and provides expertise in UML and high-ceremony projects. Dan is the main U.S. contact for the Appropriate Process Movement.

Dan's Web: DrDansPlace



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