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Muse Cases

This section is dedicated to the lighter side of the industry. Or should that be making light of the darker side of the industry? You decide.

If you see any similarities to projects you've been in, don't take it too personally. Humour is a matter of extremes and the industry is big enough to contain projects that cover all the extremities. What is harder to find, in fact, is the middle ground. This is one case where the distribution is definitely a dell curve.

Hopefully, you'll have a chuckle or two from these.


Creative Use Case Writing

by Hüseyin Angay

Abstract: Most use cases today are written in an environment of wilful ignorance, complete denial and wishful thinking. They bear less resemblance to reality than the script for The Terminator. The actors in The Terminator act in character, at least. Given the amount of fiction in them, use cases would benefit from a healthy dose of fiction writing techniques. I compiled some of these techniques to pep up your use cases. Even though there are no technical or business merits to any of this, at least you can entertain your readers, which is more than you can say about most of the use cases I read.


Process Configuration for CMM Level 0

by Huseyin Angay

Abstract: Capability Maturity Model introduces the five levels of maturity for an organisation’s software development processes. These are Levels 1 to 5. They have, however, left out Level 0. They are probably afraid that somebody might actually try to achieve it if they discovered that it was there. Of course, we are not SEI. So, for those who would like to go where even fools fear to tread, here is an explanation of what constitutes CMM Level 0. For the really foolhardy, we even added some techniques for getting there.


10 things to do with your use cases when you're bored

by Huseyin Angay

Abstract: There are times when your use cases look anaemically short. This may cause all sorts of problems to the project and to your reputation. This paper explains some techniques to bulk up your use cases without appearing to do so in order to keep your reputation as a thorough use case writer intact.



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