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We are a group of software consultants mainly based in UK.

We find that much of the current practice in software engineering ignores fairly fundamental issues such as addressing the correct risks and the human aspects in the workplace. Although most branded software development processes provide significant amounts of guidance in these areas, their out-of-the-box nature means that most teams and enterprises adopt them wholesale, without much thought about cost-effectiveness or the sustainability of the process.

Agile processes address these issues, but often require a level of understanding of process that is not readily available.

We propose a more pragmatic and less paper-heavy approach to selection, production and maintenance of software in the enterprise. We call this approach The Appropriate Process Tailoring, APT Process in short. We aim to provide enterprises with the process that's appropriate to their needs now and can be appropriate to their future needs through evolution. We aim both to address the immediate needs of process, and also to engender an in-depth understanding of process.

If you would like to find out more, read our manifesto. It is a road map to our approach.

If you have questions or issues or if you want to know more about us, please get in touch. Our general email addresses are in the Contacts page, and our personal addresses are in The People page. We will also be running a forum from here, soon.




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